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Your Guide: To Cosy Nights In This Autumn

Even just writing this title makes me excited.
Like so freaking excited.

I’m already fully in to the swing of things, Autumn-wise that is, not life. Lolz.

I’ve casually started draping fairy lights around the apartment, much to my boyfriend’s dismay.
I’ve introduced him in to the fine world of candles (can you believe he didn’t like candles before he met me, I mean, what even is that? Is he normal?!), he loves a good candle these days, and doesn’t even mind when a few additional ones seem to appear every few days, although, he does refer to the living room as a scene from a séance, but I mean, it’s nearly Halloween, so that’s allowed, right?!

My point is, Autumn is just my month. I love it and I’m generally a happier person in Autumn. I mean, I don’t skip out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the day, or anything, but you know by 11, after my copious amounts of coffee, I’m generally quite happy!

Do you ever just feel like you were made for a certain month, no? Just me!

Well, anyway, don’t fear if you’re not in the Autumn spirit, because I am here to guide you through your cosy nights in this Autumn – huzzah!


#1 Fairy Lights. So many fairy lights.
Switch your main light in the room to the soft, glistening glow of the fairy lights. They instantly transform your room from a harsh spotlight, that makes you feel awake and alert, to a cosy, serene setting, that you can happily drift off to sleep in to.. quick tip: Naps are totally allowed, in fact they’re encouraged!

 Hang them around the mantle piece to make the room feel just a little bit magical!

#2 Candles. The best thing to be created.
As previously mentioned above, I’ve turned in to a bit of a candle fiend recently, I don’t think it ever went away really, I just caged it over the summer, with the light nights and everything, but now that it’s dark and cold outside, candles are back with a bang, and they’re everywhere asking me to buy them.. and you know what? I usually respond, by stuffing 4 different candles in to the shopping trolley, hoping my boyfriend doesn’t notice.

Candles will transform your room in to the cosiest of places (side note: I can’t promise you’ll want to leave for work the next day). They come in a range of sizes and smells (oh the smells).

Around the Autumn time, my favourite one is Leaves from Bath & Body Works. It’s absolutely dreamy and I feel instantly at home where I light it, no matter where I am. Seriously, try it at work. Hello home time. Check it out here.

Other favourites include Pumpkin Spice Candles and anything cookie related. Go for something sweet that reminds you of things that you love and you will feel instantly more relaxed and at home. Bonus, your home will smell like you’ve just baked a batch of sweet treats and promptly ate them. Minus the effort and the calories.


#3 A hot bath. BRB. Just running mine.

I mean, is it even a cosy night in if you don’t start it with a beautiful hot bath? I don’t think so.

Pair it with your favourite Lush themed Bath Bomb or Soap Bar and you’re winning. You will feel instantly more relaxed. Promise.
You can even prop your tablet up in the bath and enjoy an episode on Netflix, while you chill.

Has there been a greater time to be alive?! Thank you technology. 

#4 The softest knitted jumper you can find and your favourite pair of PJs.

You leave your bath feeling super relaxed and soft from all the products you put in. Obvz.
Now imagine sliding in to your absolute favourite pair of PJs.

I’m not talking about a brand new, stiff pair of PJs. Nope. I’m talking about your older, worn in, most comfortable pair of PJs that you own. That’s them, and we all have them. Yes, we like to buy new PJs and wear them, usually for Instagram photos, or when we stay at our boyfriend’s. Y’know, because we look this good every night, bae, honest.

But for the purposes of your cosy evening. You want your old ones. Your old faithfuls.

Trust me. You’ll thank me for it.

Got your favourite PJs on? Yep! Now you want to find your warmest knitted jumper, and pop that over the top.

Now come on down to snuggle town. You will be, at this point, feeling very smug and snuggly.

#5 Your favourite hot drink.
My drink of choice, for these cosy nights in, is usually a hot chocolate.
Packed with cream and marshmallows.
Containing around 1,000 calories.
Hah. Maybe not quite, but you get my point?! The messier the better! 

You want to put this hot chocolate in your all time favourite mug.
I’m a bit of a mug fiend, so I have many. Usually with animals on them.

Then take this in to your living room/bedroom/place of choice and get ready for your relaxing night.

Note: You can also really mix it up and go full Autumn and treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. You can find the recipe here.

You’re welcome.

#6 Tasty Treats. Your night’s not really complete, unless you’re munching right?!

I love a good tasty treat when I’m having a cosy evening.
My favourite is something sweet, so I usually treat myself to a few Maltesers . Haha. Lets be honest.
I put the whole bag in to a bowl and graze, like a cow out to meadow, all night, but that’s just between us, yeah?!

I literally cannot watch Bake Off without drooling over the baked goodies, so I have to have something then.

However, if sweet treats aren’t really your thing, try and muster up a lovely plate of Nachos, with gooey cheese, plenty of salsa, then top them with sour cream. Ohhh. I’m hitting the shops on the way home.

Nachos are the perfect chill food, and they’re even better when they start to cool down, so they will last all night, but don’t worry if they don’t. No judgement here.

#7 Netflix. Or your favourite TV programme.
If it’s Tuesday – The Great British Bake Off!!

I mean, what even is a night in without binge watching some TV?
I have no idea. I’ve heard of those nights, but never experienced them!

When I’m having a cosy night in, I usually don’t go for something hard hitting to watch, or I usually find I’m on the edge of my seat, I’ve dropped my nachos and I’m glued to my phone finding out if that character really is dead?!

So my advice for you, go for something light-hearted, that is easy watching.
My absolute favourites are How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town & The Gilmore Girls.

Yes, I’ve watched them all before. Back to back. Over and over again, but they never get old.

I love them. And you will too. Trust me.

#8 Blankets. Is there a more heavenly thing than a blanket?! I dare you to find it.

I absolutely adore blankets. In all shapes and sizes.

They’re snuggly, warm, cosy and look freaking adorable.

Big shout out to all the blankets, currently at home, draped over our chairs and beds. I miss my blanket.

Being well in to my Autumnal theme, I’ve obviously opted for a cute tartan blanket, that’s made from fleece, and just, oh my god, the most cuddliest thing ever, y’know?!

But what ever your favourite blanket is, that’s perfect.
After all, it’s your favourite for a reason.

Don’t have one? Join the party. Primark have some amazing throws in and they don’t break the bank. Wahoo.

#9 Cushions. Just to compliment your favourite blanket.

Cushions are amazing, and so underrated sometimes, don’t cha think?!

I have a range of cushions, from the weird to the wonderful. Half of them have some form of animal on them, I know, I have a real problem.
They’re all just as cosy as each other though, and I love them!

So prepare your little fort for the night, sort your pillows just how you like them, so you can fall back in to a mountain of of fluff and comfort and just sit. And watch.


#10 Pamper Session. Just to round off your perfect night.

I absolutely love a good pamper session, and you should always make time for one.
It’s important to take some time for just you in your absolute hectic life, slaying the world.

It doesn’t have to be a full blown routine that lasts for 4 hours, with your imported face mask from China.
Just your regular face mask that you’ve been using for years.

Pop that on your face, while you’re sipping your hot choc and paint your nails.

I absolutely love painting my nails. It completely relaxes me, until I try to get fancy and introduce some nail art. That stresses me out, but you’ll obviously be way better than me at painting your nails.

You can also use this time to pop your moisturiser on your hands and feet too, while you just sit there. Once you’ve completed your lovely pamper night, you’ll be all dry and smooth and can slide off in to bed. Perfect.

This is my idea of a perfect, cosy night in. I hope it gave you some ideas for yours, especially when the weather is rather pants and you’ve had an awful day at work. I got your back though, we’ll get through it.

Let me know what you love to do on your cosy nights in!

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