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Thoughts Every Woman Has Going To Work

So, my commute is a little less than ideal. Usually around 40 minutes per day, however this week it’s been around an hour (thank you road work!). During my commute, I have so many emotions and personality changes, I feel like I’m James McAvoy in Split. Which got me thinking, and I asked a few friends, and yes, we all have the same thought process on the way to work, so I thought I’d share them with you today, so 1. you knew you weren’t alone in the weird world on a morning, and 2. you can relate and tell me I’m not crazy! K, thanks! So enjoy the thoughts every woman has (hopefully)..

#1 Can my hair survive another day without washing it? Shit. I have no dry shampoo. I’m not washing it. I’ll tie it up.

#2 Why can’t I ever find bobby pins? I bought some yesterday..

#3 Right I’m going to be late. QUICK make up and I’m out the door.

#4 OMG. Why is my dog the cutest thing in the world?! Let me just have one quick cuddle..

– 10 minutes later –

#5 Shit. Right I’m really late. Okay. What was that Jaclyn Hill tutorial for quick every day make up?

#6 Eughh. Why don’t I look like her?!

#7 Okay. Foundation on. Quick bronzer. Blusher. Mascara. Highlighter.

#8 That highlighter is amazing. SERIOUSLY. I’m glowing. Quick snapchat..

#9 Right. I’m going to wear my favourite dress.

#10 God I’m fat.

#11 Okay. Keys. Phone. Bag – isn’t my dog so cute? What does she even do when I leave for work? Can I stay with her?! Does she hate me for leaving?!

#12 Okay. I’m in my car. If I leave now I’ll make it on time.

#13 Radio on. I love this song!

#14 Starbucks. Yes. I’m tired, and I’ve worked hard today. I deserve one. Maybe if I just get something for breakfast too.. a skinny muffin or something? Oh but they have bacon rolls..

#15 When my music is turned up loud, I totally sound like the singer. Could I be a pop star? Imagine being that famous. Oh hello Zayn. Day dream for 10 minutes..

#16 Shit. Traffic. Right it’s okay. I’ve accepted I’m going to be late. I’ll find something good to listen to.

#17 YES! I love this song, turning up. Singing voice on.

#18 Why is that man laughing? Can he see me singing out of his window?! Oh christ. Right. Maybe if I pretend I’m talking on the phone, he won’t think I’m singing..

#19 Oh it’s cool. She’s singing too. Go girl.

#20 Oh and he’s. Eugh. I don’t even want to know what he’s doing..

#21 He’s cute.

#22 I’m fat.

#23 I wish this guy would not drive so close. He’s practically in my boot – £$%$£Y&^ (words not appropriate for this blog)

#24 Jesus. Pal, you nearly wiped me out. Learn how to drive.

#25 Shit wrong lane. I’ll just – oh sorry. Sorry.

#26 You’re in my way.. drive faster.

#27 Touched the kerb. Crap.

#28 What if I won the lottery today? Would I leave work? Yes. I’d definitely leave work.

#29 Wonder what my boyfriend’s doing now. He’s cute. (Check him out here.)

#30 Do I really need this job?!

#31 What if I broke down? I wouldn’t be able to get to work AND who would rescue me?!

#32 Too late. I’m here.. and smile.

So, this is normally my commute to work, including the Starbucks, obvz! Hope you enjoyed it! These are definitely thoughts every woman has..

Let me know what happens on your way to work in the morning!

I was also thinking about doing another one.. thoughts every woman has every day? Let me know.

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