About Me

Well hey there lovely, and welcome to alittlebitofbedlam.co.uk

Eeeek. It’s finally happened, or at least, I’ve finally made it happen.

So a bit about me huh?

I’m Jess a 20-something (-cough- 8!!!) marketing executive from the North East.

In my spare time, I absolutely love reading blogs. It is my go to happy place and I’ve been willing myself for the past two years now to start my own blog, but I’ve always come up with excuses, about not having enough time etc.. however no more. One rainy day at work, A Little Bit Of Bedlam was born, two years too late, but it’s better late than never, or so they say?!

I want this blog to be a total lifestyle blog, all about my life, which is where the title came from, because honestly, my life wouldn’t be mine if it wasn’t complete bedlam, and you y’know what?! I want to share that with you all!

So expect posts from everything, the weird and wonderful, hopefully more the wonderful, but what can I say?! I want it to be all about my life. From some useful life advice I’ve gained over my wonderful 28 years on this planet, relationship advice to my favourite beauty products and food recipes.