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6 Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Down

We’ve all been there, you know, the dark days. The days where you wake up in the morning, fresh from a good night sleep and instantly feel exhausted, with the prospect of the day ahead. Those days where you wake up with that sinking feeling, and a knot inside your stomach, tied so tight, you think you might throw up. Those days where you’re feeling down, and you have an overwhelming urge to pull the covers back over your head and pretend that today doesn’t exist, that you don’t feel this way.

I know exactly how that feels, and y’know what? It sucks. In fact, it’s awful. I want to wake up and feel like I can take on the world, not like the world has taken on me, but I’ve come to realise, unfortunately those days are a part of me, but they don’t have to control me. I still have those days now, I’ll have the self-doubt, the worry, the anxiety, it’s become the norm for me now, which is awful. However, what hasn’t become the norm, is beating myself down when those days arrive. Now, this isn’t a thing I found easy, hell, I still do it now, I am my own biggest critique, but there’s a few things that I do on my down days to remind myself that everything isn’t so bad, and it will get better.

So, I thought I’d put them in a blog, so you can read them, if you’re feeling down, and aren’t feeling okay, in the hope that if it at least helps one person. I’ll be happy with that.

Here they are, 10 things to remind yourself on the days you’re feeling down..

#1 It’s OK to not feel okay.

Y’know what? It really is.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to have these perfect lives, and feel blissfully happy 100% of the time, but you know what? That’s not realistic. No one is 100% happy all of the time, and every one has their own problems and worries they’re dealing with, even if you don’t think they are. They are. Every one has down days, and every one goes through phases in their life when they don’t feel themselves, some more than others, yes, but there’s not one person, who’s never felt low for one reason or another. And that’s okay.

It’s perfectly normal.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to feel perfect, happy or good all of the time.

Let yourself have days where you don’t feel great. Cry. Scream. Go for a walk. Do what ever it is that you feel like you have to do in that moments time, but don’t punish yourself for feeling down, that will only make things work. In stead, accept you’re feeling this way, but put steps in to place to change your mindset and leave that negative place.

#2 You’ve been here before.

Very much like my previous point. You’ve had bad days before, and the reality is, you’ll have them again. But you know what? You got through it before, and you’ll get through it again.

Even if it feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, there is. It will eventually start to get brighter, and you’ll get there.

You’ve had days before where you thought you couldn’t come back from this, and you know what? You bloody well did. Even if it was just for a day, an hour, what ever. You did it, and that’s a huge achievement. Recognise that.

You’ve been here before, and likelihood is, you know what can help you come out of it.

You’ve got this.

#3 You’re strong enough to handle feeling down.

You are. You might be reading this, shaking your head, but you are.

If I am, then you are.

You can get through anything. It might take time, and it may take effort, but you can get through this, and you can handle anything.

#4 There’s people you can count on when you’re feeling down.

Whether that be your friends, family, your partner, colleagues, or even someone on the end of a phone from a helpline. Mind are a fantastic charity, who have a lot of people you can talk to if you need them. Visit their page here.

There is always someone who is there, so you are not alone in this. Please don’t ever think you are.

#5 You are not alone.

You are absolutely not alone. No matter what is currently happening, or has happened. Even though it feels like you are the only person in the world, you are absolutely not.

There’s some one else either going through this now, or has been through it before.

Look for them. Read blogs, magazines, talk to people and share your problems.

You’ll soon realise every one has their struggles.

#6 The situation will pass

It mightn’t feel like it right now, but this is temporary. It will pass and you will see the light for the trees again.


I hope this has helped you and given you a little perspective on what ever it is that’s happening in your life right now. At the very least,  I hope it has taken your mind off your problems for the 5 minutes you took out of your day to read that blog post.

Remember. You’re amazing. You’ve got this. You’re not alone.

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  1. I love all these tips! Very very true and very uplifting. the same things they tell you in therapy, except free of charge!

    1. Hi Simone! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! So glad you liked the post and found it uplifting, that’s great to hear! xx

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