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18 Signs You Grew Up In The 90s.. 

Yes, shock horror, I grew up in the 90s. I’m a 90s girl through and through, and you know what? It was pretty damn good.

Yeah, we didn’t have half the stuff the kids have now, but we didn’t care. We made the best of it, and I’m pretty sure our parents worried less about us then, not for lack of caring though obvz.

I saw a picture on Facebook the other day of a tape recorder, with the caption ‘you were a 90s child if you remember this’ and it got me thinking about all of the other things that are stereotypical 90s, so I thought I’d jot the signs down in a good ol’ list form for you, because who doesn’t love a good list?! ..

#1 The quiff.

Oh yes. This bad boy. Worn by every girl, at least one point in her life. In the majority of your photos you had a quiff, held in with approximately 46465758 bobby pins and a full tin of hair spray, so much so that it looked greasy, and well wouldn’t dare move a muscle, sometimes for days, but that was fashion, right?!

It also used to take a good few attempts to get it just right. Y’know.. not too big and not too small, and omg, why on earth did you used to get a weird little dint in the middle, where your partening used to be?!

Gawd, so annoying.

#2 Childhood games.

Now I’m not talking about ‘Red Rover’ and ‘British Bull Dog’, although they were some classics in the school yard, do kids even know about these now? What do they even do at play times?!

The games I’m talking about were on your computer, and er, yes, we had computers during that time. Super slow ones, which weighed the same as a car, but they were there.

Some of these little gems included Petz, Babyz, Theme Hospital and Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Move over The Sims, we had Babyz to attend to, that we had to feed and play music to. They even used to chuck their food at the screen when they weren’t happy. Geeeez. Why did we grow up wanting kids again?!

#3 Your Nokia phone

You loved your Nokia phone, oh and you used to play Snake on it. For hours.

It was around the time when mobile phones were first being introduced. Seriously, it was the size of my head and weighed the same as a brick. No lie.

However, then Nokia came along and brought with it a game called ‘Snake’. And just wow. You’d spend hours of your life trying to get as high a level as possible, without fear that your charge would run out, because hello, you could go for a week without charging the thing – I’m looking at your iPhone!

#4 You used to know all the words to Scrubs and all the dance moves to 5,6,7,8.

Ahhh TLC. Whatever happened to TLC now?!

Just realised, I’ve wrote that as ‘used to’, but I can still recite every word to Scrubs, and honestly, not going to lie, it may even be on my Spotify playlist. That’s right, I’m not ashamed.

I could also whack out a few dance moves to Steps now, if I really had to, or if I was drunk, which ever really. In fact, I popped it on in the car, the last time me and my boyfriend drove to Birmingham and promptly tried to teach him the dance moves. Lets just say… he wasn’t keen.

No idea why!

#5 Art Attack

You used to watch Art Attack after school in the hope that one week you’d actually be able to follow along and make one of the things. HINT: You never did.

In all of my years watching Art Attack, I don’t think I ever managed to ‘follow along’. All of the equipment was stuff that you wouldn’t just have lying around the house, despite what the show told you, and each week I’d go out and buy things that were then never featured in Art Attack again – ahhh!

#6 You loved the Power Rangers. And had a least one outfit.

Go. Go. Power Rangers… just got that theme tune stuck in your head, didn’t I? You’re welcome.

Pink Power Ranger for life, right here. I had the outfit and everything. Even wore it for a non-uniform day at school too. Every one else did, as well, obvz. I wasn’t just that one weird kid sat at the back of the class in my Power Ranger outfit. Lolz.

#7 You wore snapper tracksuit bottoms (or popperz, as we called them)

They were wore for social occasions, to ‘relax in’ and for PE and at least once every 5 minutes when you were running, they’d pop open and leave you doing some form of weird strip tease from the thigh downwards.

Ahhh. Don’t look boys. My knees are on show and everything.

There was also always had that one kid in class who would run up and pop them all open as well, just as you’d popped them back shut. Seriously, PE was spent just hanging on to your trousers for an hour.

Climb that wall?! Err, I don’t think so.

Why did we even do it to ourselves?!

#8 You worried your Tamagotchi would get seperation anxiety when you were at school.

Errr, but who will clean his poop up, take him for walks, feed him and generally love him!?

Does he even realise when I’m not there?!

The answer to that was no. Shout out to all those Tamagotchis who died in 2000!!

#9 Recording your favourite song.

Good God. This was an entire process in itself, and you spent the entire evening preparing for the task.

It wasn’t just as easy as pressing ‘add to playlist’ on Spotify, kids. Oh no.

The cassette was put in to the tape player section, turn the radio on when they were doing the Top 40 Hits and wait with your finger on the record button to record your favourite song on the radio. You had to make sure you ended it though, just before they started talking, or you’d have weird voices at the end of your recording.

The struggle was real. 

#10 Texts were 10p each.

I kid you not. None of this unlimited text and data nonsense. Nope.

You had a top up card, and you’d topped your phone up £10 every week, or every few days in my case.

Nightmare when you wanted to stay up and text a boy all night. Y’know on those rare occasions you actually had a boy to text. Lolz.

This 10p was also applied to a certain number of characters per text, yep, they were that tight!

Sometimes, when you were low on credit, you’d cut your characters down so much to fit in to one page they didnt resemble words anymore.

‘Cn W8 T C U Eta’ – You what, pal?!

#11 MSN Messenger.

Ahh I miss the days of MSN Messenger. We didn’t used to hang out with our friends, in person, god no.

We’d spend all day with them, rush home, and talk to them on a computer screen all night.

Nothing screamed sociable like it!

You’d have the longest name known to man, as your display name, and if you were really subtle you’d put song titles in that explained exactly how you were feeling.

But, wait a minute, why has my boyfriend taken the hearts away from my name?! And who does Laura like when she’s put ???????.

Cue some serious MSN saved conversations…

#12 The Spice Girls were life.

The Spice Girls Movie.

Their songs.

Just anything Spice Girls.

Seriously, I used to have a Spice Girl’s pencil case, pencils, notebook and everything, but so did every one.

You weren’t going to be popular in school if you didn’t have your Spice Girl items.

You also took your fashion advice from them and saw the rise in girl’s wearing track suits just like Sporty Spice.

And platforms. Jesus. Never again. How on earth did they walk in them?!

Your hair was also worn like Baby Spice’s for an entire year…

#13 You had scented gel pens in your pencil case.

Yes, in the 90s it was totally acceptable to sit in your class and smell your gel pens.

Mmmm, popcorn flavour. Yes. You even passed them around to your friends to smell them.

Now, imagine if someone sat in class doing that now. You’d have them sent to the naughty class room and questioned for their drug addictition. Lolz.

It was absolute mayhem when someone came in to class with a new smelling pen that no one had yet. You rushed out that night on a crazed shopping spree to Woolworths and WHSmiths to buy the latest.

Which leads me on to #14..

#14 Woolworths.

Ahhhh. I miss Woolworths. You’d go there at the start of term with your Mum to gather your school supplies, and I don’t just mean pencil case and pens. Oh no, I need PE shoes, clothing, stationery. Everything.

If you wanted it. Woolworths sold it.

And you could always leave with a pick n mix for 10p too. Score.

#15 Dial up internet.

R.I.P AOL. You were a good one.

There was nothing quite like listening to the sounds of the dial tone as you were desperate to get online to talk to your friends. In an AOL chat. That you’d never seen a picture of before, or even spoke to on the phone, but hey, you were BFFs.

You’d even recognise the sound when it wasn’t going to connect, and promptly run around the house checking all your wires and if any one was using the phone liked a crazed person!

There was also nothing more annoying than being deep in conversation and then hearing the dreaded words ‘I need to use the phone’ from your Mum. Off the internet you’d come, as you couldn’t use the phone and the internet at the same time. That’s just bedlam, obvz.

#16 Blockbusters.

There were no Netflix subscriptions or any of that in the 90s. Oh no.

On your tyical wild friday night, you’d head on down to your local Blockbusters, mine was round the corner.. hash tag winning.

Then you’d spend a good hour deciding which three DVDs to rent that weekend, because if you rented three, it meant you got a free pack of Maltesers, and err, hello, you weren’t passing up a free bag of Maltesers.

Also, sometimes you’d get a little gem in the bargain bin! Woo.

You’d then spend all weekend watching and rewatching your DVD choices, you had to get your money’s worth, y’know.. and then promptly return them before you had a fine. Usually in your PJs, while your Mum hung around outside in the car and you dived out of the car and posted it through their nifty post box.. true story.

Sometimes you got a fine though, rebel.

#17 Inflatable Chairs.

No word of a lie. These were a thing. And honestly, you were a no body if you didn’t have them.

So you promptly dragged your parents to the nearest shop, usually a random corner tech shop, where you purchased your first inflatable chair, and then made your poor parents spend all afternoon inflating it.

There were always those people who went one better and got an inflatable sofa as well. Alright, you’re posh, we get it..

Forget your perfect Pinterest like bedrooms, nope. Your scrap books were filled with your best friends lounging over your inflatable chairs, usually with a really bad hair do.

#18 Disposable Cameras

Ah yes, before the invention of selfies and all that jazz, were disposable cameras. You’d take them with you on a sleepover, and attempt to capture you and all of your friends in one photo. You’d be pretty proud of yourself when you were taking your pictures to get developed too, however, three days later when your pictures were ready to collect, you realised you’d left your thumb over the lens on every shot.

Shit. We’ll try again next week, eh. Sorry hun..

I feel like I’ve stepped my selfie game up, just a tad now.. check my Instagram out here.

I actually felt a bit nostalgic writing all of these, aww, miss you 90s. It was such a simpler time!

Let me know what things defined your childhood.

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