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17 Signs That You’re Actually A Grown Up

It occurred to me this weekend, that I’m a fully fledged grown up. Christ, when did that happen?!

You know how it goes, you’re 16 and you say to yourself ‘I can’t wait until I’m 28, it’ll be so much easier, I’ll be married, have a great job and have my own house’ and you honestly believe that. LOL you!

Then you fast forward to when you are actually 28 and lol, how wrong were you? Oh and wait a second, when did this whole adult thing occur??! Surely there’s an orientation in to adult life or something, did I miss the workshop?!?!

We’re all just basically walking through the minefield that is adult life, but we’ve so got this, right?

Here are some of the tell tale signs that you’re secretly a grown up, just in case, y’know, you missed the orientation, as I did..

  1. You don’t get excited by post anymore. In fact, quite the opposite. You dread it, and usually avoid opening it for a good week and then realise you created so many issues for yourself by not opening this damn little envelope.And repeat again the next day.

    You know what’s in there. There’s no surprises. No letters from pen friends (lol, did you ever even have one?!) and you’re definitely passed that stage where you could legit receive a letter from Hogwarts. Damn.

  2. You’re expected to make major life decisions. Alone.Seriously, your Mum won’t tell you whether you should take the fancy job in London, or not. So you take to the internet to find quotes that mirror your life perfectly, because only the people who write these quotes know exactly what you’re going through, right?!
  3. You drink wine now. And enjoy it, better yet, you have a favourite kind.. move over WKD I want a red wine with vanilla undertones.Oh check you, you fancy thing.
  4. You’ve came to the realisation that you can’t make money as easy as you could on The Sims.Errr. What?! Thank you Sims for ruining my life.

    I’d planned my future around that goal.

  5. You now side with the adult characters in children’s movies – seriously, if I’d spent years building my dream house out of sweets and some children came along and ate it. I’d be pretty pissed too.You go girl. We got you.
  6. You get excited about buying new accessories for the kitchen.. “bought a new pan today. It’s amazing”.Better yet, you find appliances you want, and actually save for them, because you know, you have a savings account and everything now.
  7. Your Facebook is now filled with pictures of friends getting engaged, married, having babies or doing marathons.Yep. Gone are the days, when you’d wake up Sunday morning to see who got in an absolute state last night and is dying this morning.Nope.Now you get to see Debra’s child in the same position x 35 million photos, or the cake Jan baked the previous night, damn you, Jan!
  8. You’ve had multiple quarter life crises over your many grownup problems.I swear I was promised this would be all butterflies and rainbows.
  9. You’ve become ridiculously nostalgic when it comes to your childhood. Aww. Shout out to the 90s children who used to watch Wizadora! Just me there?
  10. You plan your meals for the week, and they’re not just which fast food place you’re going to visit each day. Better yet, you plan a supermarket day, and get excited for it. Oh lord.It occurred to me, as I was writing my shopping list (lol), that I ridiculously look forward to Sunday afternoons, with my boyfriend, where we’ll visit the Starbucks and then wander around Tesco for our weekly shop.

    I love it. We write our list before hand and everything. Check us, adulting all over the place.

  11. Your idea of a perfect night in is lying in front of the TV, eating junk food and not communicating with ANYONE! Yes! I just want to watch Grey’s Anatomy in complete silence thanks, and not think about my ever growing to do list, or that comment that Alan made at work today.
  12. You have a job and everything. In fact, it’s actually a good one.People rely on you to make decisions and stuff. You make power points, end e-mails with ‘kind regards’ and are generally quite important. God. Check you.
  13. You’ve actually had full-on conversations about the economy, politics and all that stuff. You had an opinion and everything. People actually listened and nodded, as though you knew what you were talking about.Whaaaat.
  14. You’ve realized just how freaking creepy your childhood shows were.Seriously, how did we grow up semi-okay?!

    I watched Babe the other day for the first time in my adult life, and realised how truly traumatising it really was.Yet when I was young, I’d happily sit there and watch it. No questions asked!

  15. You know what works for your skin and body and actually have a night-time cleansing routine. Err check you.Gone are the days, you’d take some of your make up off with whatever wipe you had lying around, and wake up the next morning with panda eyes. Nope. Now you have cleansers, scrubs, toners, moisturisers and everything.You’ve tried a few products too. Ha, who am I kidding?! A thousand products.. had some awful experiences, but now you’re pretty settled on how your skin works, and how it will punish you if you forget to take your make up off one night.

    Oh, hello giant spot the next day, don’t worry, I didn’t have an important meeting today or anything.

  16. You get antsy if you’re not in bed by 10pm. 11pm on weekends.. you’re off after all.Seriously, it’s crazy. I actually get upset if a TV show, that I want to watch, is on after 10pm on a week night. Not be watching that now.

    It gets to about 9.45pm now, me and my boyfriend start the yawning process, and then bam it’s 10pm and there’s dust.. we’re up and in to bed. How crazy.

    Do you remember those days you’d sit on MSN messenger until early hours of the morning, and then were back up at 7am for school?! Better yet, remember those heroes that didn’t even go to sleep?!That sounds like pure torture now.

    My bed is my legit favourite place in the world.

  17. You can no longer make it through a whole night without needing a wee.Oh yes. This is a little gem that no one told you about.

    No matter what time you go to the toilet last, even if you don’t drink hours before bed, your lovely little bladder is going to wait until you’re at your most warm and comfiest and then remind you. ‘Err yeah, hi hun, we gotta go..’ then you have that lovely task of trying to get comfy again.

    Let me tell you now.. it can’t be done!

Adult life. It’s not great.

You basically have no idea what you’re doing. And that’s okay!

Hope this gave you few laughs and you can relate to my struggles of being an adult.. we should warn the others!

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  • Really enjoyed reading. Keep it up.

    • JessEllen

      Thanks Irshad! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 x

  • I always wish money was like Sims money, like £1,000 in a day yes please! But no, it’s like £40 real life. Love this post btw!

    Sophie –

    • JessEllen

      Hahaha! I know right! I feel like we were betrayed bit as children to believe it was that easy to get a job and a house.. err it isn’t hahah! Ahh thanks so much! I’ll check your posts out 🙂 xx

  • I agree with so many of these! Unfortunately I don’t like wine (but I would like to like wine, which is basically the same as liking it!), I’m still a night owl and (fortunately) my bladder hasn’t given up the ghost yet!
    Your twenties are like the best time for self discovery, let’s embrace them! 😘

    • JessEllen

      It is totally the same thing, haha! I didn’t used to like wine, then one day I drank it and was like, yeah, I like this now.. hah oh dear! You have it all to come, don’t worry haha! Yes definitely!!! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 xx